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On March 9, 2012, Assyrian Kitchen hosted its first cooking class in Chicago. The concept started with a curiosity to learn how to make traditional Assyrian dishes. That passion quickly turned into a side-project with a dream--to put Assyrian cuisine on the global culinary map. Drawing inspiration from the world's oldest cookbook, recorded on clay tablets, it became a personal aspiration to share the richness of the Assyrian culture through the power of food, history, and traditions that define the uniqueness of Assyrian cuisine. 


As we continue on this fascinating culinary adventure, we're excited to announce that Assyrian Kitchen will now have a permanent location. This will be the home for our hands-on cooking classes, artisan food shop, private events, and catering. Assyrian Kitchen is slated to open its doors this spring! 


We look forward to keeping you updated over the next few weeks. Many thanks!

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