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We look forward to hosting you and your guests at Assyrian Kitchen in Chicago's Jefferson Park neighborhood!

Assyrian Kitchen is the perfect space to host a range of event experiences--from plated menus, family-style brunches and dinners, cocktail receptions, to intimate wedding celebrations.


Enclosed in lapis lazuli walls, accented by vibrant Assyrian art, the setting reflects ancient luxury in an elegant and uniquely warm atmosphere. The main dining area has ample natural light during the day, and in the evening, soft lighting with the use of warm colors add to the ambiance of a truly exciting place.

The dining area can host from 20 to 50 guests seated and can be subdivided to accommodate different configurations and seating plans for various party sizes and needs.


Menus are carefully curated by Atorina Zomaya and chef Dan Sarkiss. The Assyrian Kitchen private events team, will provide you and your guests with an unforgettable bespoke experience.


Assyrian Kitchen is easily accessible by car or public transit. Free street parking is available along Northwest Highway.


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Assyrian Kitchen | Private Dining

Assyrian Kitchen | Private Dining

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